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If you're tired of saving your files on several computers to later be passed to your smartphone or tablet or connected via a USB drive to your TV, it's now possible to have all your information in a single folder you an access from your different devices.

This platform monitors any change made in the Blue Folder, where you can save all your files: whether you update or replace them, all changes will be sent to your CloudMe account, which will also keep a backup.

Once you've uploaded your files to CloudMe, you can download the Blue Folder to all your devices, including iPhones and Androids. This service also offers web access so you can work directly with the copies stored in the cloud.

In addition, one of CloudMe's biggest advantages is that if a file or folder is erased from a local computer or in the cloud, the platform will make sure it's also erased from all connected computers.

How does it work? Very easy: you just have to install CloudMe on all your devices to be able to store files in and download them from your Blue Folder, where they will be available wherever you connect from. If at any moment you find yourself using device without CloudMe, you can still view your files through its website.
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